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A discovery…
the children’s collection

Children in the heart of our process of design

Very regularly we invite children in our atelier. On top of that, we organise creative afternoons or evenings for different age groups. The child takes a central place in our process of design and is the one who  shows his or her preference for the materials which will be the starting point for the next collection. Then, we let them inspire us with their ideas, fantasies and dreams…

Colours are essential. They are vivid, fresh and combined in a surprising way. It’s a real treat. The jewel stimulates all senses: eyes, ears and the touch with your skin.


Our materials and products are well tested en worn before bringing them to the customer. We strive to work with natural materials (wood, cotton, leather, stone) which are solid and flexible and offer security for those who wear the jewel.

Our jewel for kids is very appealing as well for the child as for the adult. The product reminds the adult of a feeling of youth and cheerfulness. Our  jewel, a playful design with a touch of avant-garde, reunites woman and child in one object.  This is the key to our success.

Collections 2005 - 2006


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