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Pippa O designs and creates hip jewellery.
We assure a new adult and children collection every season. We can also personalize your jewel; come to our atelier in Rolle and choose your favorite bead, silverwear, color and lenght. Together we will create an exceptional gift, make a match for your weddingdress, or brighten up any special occasion. In our atelier, you will find whatever you are looking for.

We also remodel your jewels, even if they are not made by PippaO.

In Switzerland and Luxemburg, several boutiques carry our collection. On top of that we organize direct-sales events throughout the year in Switzerland and abroad. For more information go to the chapter "Events". You can also buy your PippaO favorites on the internet, for more information go to the chapter "sale".

Our collection is accessible for everyone who enjoys life to the fullest and wishes to go off the beaten track.

Pippa O Creations is a creative company, run by two women, Bénédicte Boxus (1965) and Ingrid Vaartjes-Jorissen (1964). Both mothers of three children and making careers in banking and personal development management, they concluded in 2004 that their life was stressful, slightly complicated and not as happy as possible. They decided to change their life, trying to make a difference.
Making fun jewellery for adults and children and thus contributing, even on a small scale, to a more equal division of wealth, makes PippaO a very pleasant and healthy organisation.

Every pippa jewel is unique and handmade (in Rolle) of the finest material, most of the time coming from India. We always do our best to buy our materials from families with small businesses; by supporting them, we feel they have a chance making a decent living. By selecting carefully our suppliers, we try to make a difference:

PippaO, dare to wear and care

A local engagement 

Since the beginning of 2009, PippaO supports the Théodora Foundation which mission is to enlighten the daily life of hospitalized children by offering moments of joy and laughter. To do so, the Théodora Foundation can count on the talents of professional artists, called « Dream Doctors ». Every year, these 53 dream doctorsof the Foundation Théodora visit approximately 66'000 children in 35 different hospitals and 12 specialised institutions throughout Switzerland.

PippaO wishes to support the activities of the Théodora Foundation because of this philosophy of laughter and joy that she mobilizes and that meets the spirit of PippaO.

By creating a « Théodora Bracelet », sold during different events, organised in favor of the Théodora Foundation, PippaO contributes in offering moments of joy to hospitalized children.

For more information, please visit www.theodora.ch


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